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Audit Services

We are registered auditors. This means we are authorised to provide audit and assurance reports in the UK.

A statutory audit is designed to provide a reasonable level of assurance to users of accounts. Most organisations are required to prepare at least annual financial statements to record their activities.

Often other reporting is also required; for example, on the spend relating to individual grants, or to satisfy the needs of a regulator or other interested party.

Mills Pyatt Audit Limited will help you meet regulatory requirements as well as the particular needs of your organisation.

For some companies an audit is not a legal requirement, however, the benefits outlined below would still apply.

The partners and managers work with you to ensure we provide a high quality and cost effective service that causes least disruption to your daily working environment.

Furthermore, we aim to go that bit further and look to provide advice on how your business might make efficiency improvements, consider profitability issues or highlight weaknesses in controls.

Benefits for you:

  • We provide an appraisal and recommendations of your accounting systems to help improve your procedures and reduce inaccuracy
  • An audit will give you reliable information on which you can base informed decisions about your business.
  • Audited accounts can provide assurance to third parties such as trade suppliers, bankers, other lenders or financiers as to the reasonable accuracy of the financial statements filed.