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Payroll Solution

Mills Pyatt can relieve you of the ever-increasing burden of payroll and administration, acting as your internal payroll department. Just tell us your employees pay details and we’ll do the rest.

Our Payroll Bureau service offers:

  • A complete service with a simple charging structure.
  • Substantial savings in time.
  • Comprehensive management information.

How does it work?

  • Input data can be sent to us by email, post or fax for entry into the payroll system.
  • On receipt of the information, we then verify your payroll input information and forward confirmation for your approval. Once you confirm the data is correct, we process and close the payroll producing all of the necessary reports.
  • We advise you of the total to transfer to our client account. Payment to your employees can also be made by faster pay and a payment listing is supplied.
  • You receive payslips for your employees, along with the standard and any additional reports and electronic outputs that you have requested.
  • Payroll journals are prepared to your specification.
  • We file the RTI returns with HMRC for each payroll processed.
  • At the end of the year we prepare the P60s for staff and all other filing requirements.

All you have to do is hand out the payslips!

The Benefits

  • A full data conversion service makes start-up easy.
  • Trial payroll and payment authorisation reports keep you in control.
  • Faster pay payment and clear payslips provide a high quality service to your employees.
  • We are able to provide bespoke security reports and/or payslips as per your requirements
  • Save time with pre-prepared journals ready for input to your Accounts System.
  • Reports can be sent by email for speed and ease of reproduction.
  • P60s, P45s. A full RTI and Year-End submission service.
  • Payroll administration by our team provides a highly reliable payroll service while allowing you to control your staffing costs.
  • Our simple, inclusive charging structure makes it easy to predict your payroll costs.