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Bookkeeping Service

For some businesses the burden of keeping the company’s accounting records can prove to be too cumbersome, either through lack of time, lack of resources or a lack of skills.

We can provide a complete bookkeeping service and currently serve a number of clients of varying sizes from sole traders to UK branches of multi national companies.

Benefits to you:

  • Frees you from the hassle of routine day to day financial administration
  • You may be able to reduce your staffing costs as we provide you with a dedicated bookkeeper with the back up and support of a nominated manager and partner.
  • The service can be provided at the times specified by you, as frequently as you require and undertaken either at your premises or in our offices.
  • Each clients’ needs are individually assessed to determine how frequently the accounting records need to be recorded, for some once a quarter for VAT preparation suffices, for others the information is input on a weekly basis.
  • As clients develop and look to take the work in-house we are happy to assist with the transfer of data, to provide relevant training and to be available for on-going support and assistance.